About Us

UCO Engineering, a subsidiary of BAK Group, was established in 1976 to provide engineering services to both private and public sector clients in Bahrain. Our offices are located in Nuwaidrat, Hidd and Sitra.

UCO Engineering W.L.L. is a major importer and dealer for the past 40 years in marine base and navigational equipment and of building materials from various global manufacturers.

UCO Engineering seeks to attend to customers’ satisfaction in quality, price and excellent services

With our experienced professionals in this field, we carry out the supply and installation, service and repair in various fields:

  • Electronics Division – Land, marine and navigational communication equipment
  • Industrial Division – Asphalt Recycling plant
  • Bulk Trading of sand and aggregate, dredging jetty
  • Building Materials – Tiles, ceramic and porcelain, sanitary-ware and mixers 
Electronics Division – Land, marine and navigational communication equipment

UCO Engineering is one of the major dealers in Bahrain for the sales, services and installation of land and marine based communications and navigational equipment. Since 1975, we have been exclusively dealing and distributing  some of the premier global manufacturers  in this field  such as Furuno Electric Co. Japan,  Jeppesen Italy, MaxSea  France, Entel UK, Kenwood UK, ICOM Japan, AC Marine Denmark, and Procom Denmark.

We carry out the supply and installation, service and repair of land communication/ marine navigational equipment. We have our own fully equipped workshop to carry out the repair/maintenance of the equipment.  We provide GMDSS Safety Radio Surveys for ABS and GL classes.

We have carried out the installation, commissioning and maintenance of all marine navigation and communication equipment in the Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard (ASRY) and BASREC. We are also dealing with the Bahrain Royal Navy, Coast Guard, US Navy as well as local and international shipping companies.

FURUNO: furuno

UCO Engineering is the only exclusive FURUNO dealer in the Kingdom of Bahrain. FURUNO provides maritime navigation and communication equipment.

Products by FURUNO:

  • Radar
  • RADAR (Models: FAR-21×7/FAR-28×7 series)
  • RADAR (Models: FAR-15×8 series)
  • Chart Radar
  • Ice Radar
  • Oil Radar
  • ECDIS (Model:FMD-3200/3300)
  • ECDIS (Model:FMD-3100)
  • ECDIS (Model:FEA-2107/2807)
  • ECDIS mandatory
  • Advantages of FURUNO ECDIS
  • Automatic Chart Update System “Gate-1”
  • GPS
  • Satellite Speed Log
  • Doppler Sonar
  • Navigational Echo Sounder
  • AIS
  • Remote Display
  • VDR
  • FleetBroadband
  • VSAT (ESV)
  • Inmarsat MINI-C
  • Fax
  • Doppler Speed Log


UCO Engineering is a sub dealer for ICOM in the Kingdom of Bahrain. ICOM is an international manufacturer of radio transmitting and receiving equipment.

ICOM Products: Land and Marine

Land Mobile products provide two-way radio communications including: public safety, transportation, education and manufacturing.

Marine radio Use your Icom radio to follow the latest weather report, or simply keep you in touch with other boats on the water. Icom’s trendsetting radio features include submersible construction, “Float ‘n Flash” technology, intuitive interfaces and Military Spec.


UCO Engineering is the only Max Sea agent/ dealer in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our range of marine navigation software targets both recreational sailors and professional mariners.

UCO Asphalt Plant

In line with the rigorous plans, the “Promoter“ has recently launched a new division under UCO Engineering W.L.L. (“the Asphalt Division” or “UCO Asphalt”) an Asphalt Plant and Asphalt Paving Operations.


Our main objective is to become one of the best construction companies in the region that its clients, employees and proprietor are proud to be associated with. The route of our mission is to incorporate and implement the following:

  • A multi-cultural team based environment where our main purpose is to expand the potential of our people within the team.
  • A total commitment to total quality as firms believe that this the way we can achieve our mission. Quality is not only confined to the quality of asphalt pavement but includes all aspect of the business, and most importantly how we deal with and respond to clients. Quality is about satisfying the needs of our clients.
  • Establishing quality objectives and reviewing them through management review process. Performance data is analyzed to assess continual suitability of the quality objectives and quality policy.
  • Maintaining transparency in all that we do. Transparency not only creates confidence in our clients but also reduces the burden on our employees, as mistakes are seen as methods and tools for improvement rather than a method to blame.
  • Ensuring that we meet customer requirements and expectations and finding solutions to their issues.
  • Ensuring that our activities comply with legal requirements and other international standards, including the highest levels of health for all employees and the general public.

Asphalt Operations

Our asphalt operations team are consisted of well experienced individuals who have an average of 5 to 10 years’ experience in the field of road constructions from labors all the way up to senior staff. Since the establishment of the “Asphalt Division”, we have already completed a number of private jobs successfully including internal company asphalt paving works as shown below. Hence, our clients will be assured of quality workmanship in each projects from our operation team’s expertise in road paving works.

UCO Asphalt Address

Building 640, Block 117, Dry Dock Highway, Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain

Industrial Division – Asphalt Recycling

On June, 2014, BAK Group’s UCO Engineering launched the first re-heat asphalt recycling machine by BENEDETTI in Bahrain. UCO Engineering is the sole and authorized distributer of BENEDDETI in the gulf region.

The machine provides more sustainable asphalt without compromising durability, service life, and the environment. The product has become a must-have consideration in the materials selection process.

Re-HEAT – the only 100% asphalt recycling available in the world which allows for operation both day and night.

It offers twice the crack mitigation against underlying cracks versus a conventional mill and inlay. The process recycles to grade over castings already in the roadway so there is no need to raise and/or replace existing castings. The costs are far lower than comparable rehabilitation, and it recycles 100% of the asphalt roadway with no trucking of additional asphalt or waste asphalt and no stockpiling.

It uses a dual stage incineration system to protect air quality during operation, thus providing one of the cleanest forms of emission control.


The re-heat recycling minimizes the demand on oil and aggregate which are non-renewable resources.

It provides access to billions of gallons of petroleum contained in the asphalt on existing roads and highways. In the US alone, the existing 4 million miles of roadways hold a 270 billion gallon petroleum reserve

It eliminates the dumping of old asphalt into crowded landfills.

It uses a dual stage incineration system to protect air quality during operation, thus providing one of the cleanest forms of emission control

It utilizes propane, which is a cleaner, more environmentally sensitive source of energy.

It uses 65% less energy (BTUs) to process 1 ton of asphalt than conventional methods, CO2 emissions are reduced by 65% per ton processed.

It has been proven to lower your carbon footprint by over 80% during construction.

It eliminates milling machines, asphalt plants, trucking, tack coat or shoulder – environmentally priceless,

How it works

  1. Heating Existing pavement – The road surface is softened with radiant convection heat.
  2. Removing top layer – The rotary blade system dislodges the material for processing.
  3. Adding Asphalt Emulsion – Additives are injected to reconstitute the new asphalt.
  4. On-Board Plant – A heated mixing plant uniformly blends with additives with the asphalt.
  5. Relaying Recycled Material – The new asphalt is immediately placed to the correct slope ad grade.
  6. Compaction – While still hot, the newly recycled asphalt is rolled to final compaction.
Bulk Trading of Sand and Aggregate

We operate our building material outlet divisions from two locations. A private jetty is located in Hidd which is 145 meters in length and yard covering approximately 30,000 square meters. It is used for the discharging, stock piling and storage of aggregate and sand. These building materials are imported from the United Arab Emirates.

Building Materials – Tiles, Ceramic, Sanitary Ware and Mixers

In Nuwaidrat we have a showroom and storage yard 15000 square meters which is used for the displaying and storing of our sanitary ware, mixers and tiles imported from the GCC, China and Europe. We have a unique selection and wide range of products which suit all the needs of customers. We also arrange special offers as per the request of the client and deliver the needed items within the required time frame.

We have a subdivision completely dedicated to tiles, ceramic and sanitary ware. We are the shareholders and authorized distributers of RAK Ceramics and Elegance Ceramics that are manufactured in the United Arab Emirates with European designs. We also supply Sanitary Ware and Mixers by KLUDI – Germany. Our employees professionally assist customers with design and selection of tiles that are most appropriate and suitable to their needs. We supply tiles and sanitary ware for companies that do construction, we also supply Ministry of Housing projects and more.

This division of UCO Engineering is located in Nuwaidrat including its showroom and warehouses.

RAK Ceramics offers a versatile range of bathware suites and accessories which provides complete functional bathware solutions.

Elegance Ceramics is one of the finest providers in Italian designs of designer walls, flooring solutions, and home decorations using decorative ceramic and porcelain tiles. In only a few years it has successfully taken up a position among Italian Style excellences, making innovation, research and exclusiveness the basic elements of its mission.

KLUDI is a high-profile German manufacturer in kitchen and bathroom fittings and RAK CERAMICS, the world largest ceramic manufacturer with a significant market share in the ceramic & bathroom fittings industry. KLUDI RAK, based in Ras al Kaimah, UAE, is centrally located to cater to the rapidly expanding Middle East and South Asian markets. The company is equipped with the latest in European technology.

UCO Engineering has a great deal of ongoing and completed projects in Bahrain. Some of these projects are at the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Electricity and Water, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing, Kuwait Finance House, Mega Mart Mall, the extension of the new detention center and Al-A’ali Complex.

For any inquiries, please contact us on the numbers below:

Electronics – Sand and Aggregate – Asphalt Recycling:

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Email: info@bakgroup.net

Building Materials, Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Ceramics

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